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  • Battery Monitor Watt Meter 0-120V 0-100A Volt Amp Ah Capacity


    Battery Monitor Watt Meter 0-120V 0-100A Volt Amp Ah Capacity

    This Battery Monitor is designed to monitor performance most kind of battery systems with capacities of up to 999 Amp hours. The unit continuously monitors voltage, charge and discharge current, number of power (charge or discharge), the remaining battery capacity, these information leads to more efficient use of the battery, which can enhance battery life and reduce the risk of failure.

    Battery Status At A Glance.

    Measure Forward (Positive) and Reverse (Negative) current at the same time.

    Combines many functions in one, displays voltage, charge and discharge current, consumed amp hours and remaining battery capacity.

    Dual display for Voltage (V)

    Current (A), Power (W)

    Ampere-hour (Ah),

    Working Hours (H), Charging Time, Discharging Time

    Battery capacity (%)

    Flexible On-line calibration function, calibrate Voltage and amps reading easily.

    Adopting modular design, collocate indicator lights on the panel for various working status.

    4 digits LED for Voltage, Power, and Working hours reading, 3 digits LED for Current and Ah reading.

    Lowe power consumption.

    No need external power (10-90V).

    We can connect it by 2-wire(Power by Internal source), or 3-wire(Power by External source).

    Power Supply

    10V~90V (external/Internal power supply)

    Measuring range

    (1)Volt 0~90.0V/Amp -100~100A, external power supply

    (2)Volt 10~90.0V/Amp -100~100A, Internal Power supply

    Display Type

    7 segment 4digits Red LED

    Sampling rate

    5 readings per second


    Volt ± 1% + 2byte / Amp ± 2% + 5byte


    0.01V, 0.01A, 0.01W, 0.01Ah, 0.01H



    Size of mounting hole


    Meter Weight


    Expansion board & Shunt


    Monitor the Charge current, Discharge current,

    Charge Capacity, Discharge Capacity.

    Use in cars, boats, motorcycle and Testing Devices for measuring the voltage and Input/Output current of battery & electrical system.

    DIY Intelligent battery discharger.

    Solar, Wind, HHO System

    1 × Digital panel meter 1 × Expand board

    1 × Shunt 1 × 7 pin cable 1 × English Operation Manual