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  • Connector Anderson SB50


    Connector Anderson SB50


    Anderson Connectors are made of a genderless design with mechanical keyed housing

    2 pieces are needed to make 1 quick disconnect connection

    8 Gauge



    These SB50 plugs are rated up to 120 Amps

    Plug in style connectors offer a safe connection means with quick disconnect/connect. The contacts can be crimped or soldered on to the cable and then inserted into the housing where they securely lock in place. This connector is popular in situations where a quick disconnect/connect is required such as forklift battery charging and plug in style booster/jumper cables for vehicle charging.


    There are no female or male plugs, they mate with each other and are marked for polarity with a "+" for positive and a "-" for negative to ensure the proper connection. This listing is for one plug and two cable connectors to assemble one plug, for a set you'll need to order two plugs and they will mate together


    Common uses include

    Battery Connections


    Battery Chargers

    Solar and Wind Generators

    Tow Trucks

    Snow Plows

    Farm Equipment

    Winch Connections

    And hundreds of other applications


    1X Anderson SB50 Plug with Red Housing and 2 contacts for 8 AWG wires