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DEWALT DC509 36-Volt Lithium-Ion Floodlight

DEWALT DC509 36-Volt Lithium-Ion Floodlight
Flex-neck design with lockable head clips allows for hands-free use and versatility to stand or hang the light
Wide-angle beam maximizes light over a specific work area
8 hours run-time on 1 charge
Xenon bulb provides an extra bright beam of light
Weighs just 1.15 pounds for easy use and transport
Brighten up dark, shadowy spaces with the DEWALT DC509 floodlight and you’ll work faster and reduce costly mistakes. This compact light runs off of a powerful 36-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to eight hours of illumination. And best of all, its multi-position design allows you to keep both hands free. The lamp head is attached to a long, flexible neck that can be extended and aimed to shine light in any direction. You can even bend the neck and loop it around a pipe, wall stud, floor joist or virtually any other object, to provide hands-free light wherever you need it. The DC509 is especially helpful when running electrical cable, plumbing sinks, repairing HVAC systems, and working in closets and other cramped spaces. Clip the lamp back onto the body of the floodlight, and it can be carried about and used like a standard flashlight, or placed on the floor for illuminating low-level work, such as the installation of baseboard and shoe moldings, carpet tack strips, hardwood flooring, and hot-water baseboard heaters. The DC509 is equipped with a rugged Xenon bulb that produces an extremely bright-white, wide-angle beam of light. In fact, the light is so bright, several people can work within its field of illumination. The floodlight weighs just over one pound (without the battery) . Battery and charger are sold separately