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Wireless Remote Control 4 Channel 433MHZ RF Radio 4.5 – 7V


Wireless Remote  Control 4 Channel 433MHZ RF Radio 4.5 – 7V

This RF radio controller for basic stamps has a built in, programmable decoder, and comes complete with a wireless key ring style remote control

 4 programmable channels let you define and control four different functions with ease from a distance of up to 300m!

Specifications: •Channels: 4

RF radio: 433MHz

Operating range: up to 300m (984ft)

Power: 4.5 – 7V•Dimensions: 4.5 x 2cm (1.8 x 0.8”)

Weight: 5g

Pin Assignment : •D0: Output 0•D1: Output 1•D2: Output 2•D3: Output 3

GND: Ground

VT: Switching voltage (will be transmitted to the corresponding output when pressing a button)

VCC: Supply Voltage