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Light, Vehicle Alert, Safety, Bicycle, Laser Lane

Light, Vehicle Alert, Safety, Bicycle, Laser Lane

Bicycle Lane Vehicle Alert Safety Light L.E.D.

If vehicle safety is a priority for you and your children ,The Vehicle Alert Safety Light will be an important safety feature for you,This new Laser Beam Technology will make motorists aware of a cyclist(snowmobile etc) from a distance to allow reaction time that would not be possible had they not been alerted by the new technology , As the product becomes familiar drivers will be aware of you from a distance , . the laser tail light has the newest laser technology. It provides a virtual dedicated vehicle lane by emitting double laser lines onto the ground at the rear of the vehicle. It shows the width and gives warning, which can prevent rear collision and side scraping. Laser tail light largely improves the security of night riding, and will become the new standard of safe riding at night Attaches to seat post on regular bicycles on rack beneath rear storage box on scooter type bicycles(snowmobile etc) equipped with storage box or attached to steel rack with box not installed Recommended for riders who consider safety a priority when riding.
1 YR Warranty

3 Highlight LED
3 Flashing Modes
2 Laser Launchers
260 Degree Visibility
2 AAA Batteries
IPX2 Water Resistant
Tool Free Installation
Seat Post 20-36 mm Seat Post
Certification CE