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  • Controller 96V 1500W Brushless Motor


    Controller 96V 1500W Brushless Motor For E-bike & Scooter

    Rated Voltage:96 Volts
    • power: 1500 Watts
    • Suitable for 3 phase 60C or 120C brushless motor.
    • Suitable for Electric for electric bike & scooter
    • Under Voltage Protection: 85.5V+_0.5v
    • Maximum Current: 40 A+_1Amps
    •Operating Conditions: -40C~80C
    • Waterproof design

    wiring instructions:
    1. The power cord:big red +big black- - - -
    2. Electric Door Lock Cable: middle red
    3. The motor cable: big yellow+ big green+ big blue
    4. The hall cable: the small red cable, the small black cable, the small yellow cable, the small green cable, the small blue cable
    5. The transfer cable:the small red cable(+5V)+the small blue cable (Signal)+the small black cable(Negative electrode)
    6. The three-speed cable:blue (high speed )+black +gray(low speed)
    7. The high level brake: yellow cable
    8. The low level brake :yellow+ black cable
    9. Anti-theft features:red(positive)+black(negative)red(electric start)+blue(Lock motor signals) +green(lock motor)
    10. EBS electric brake: two blue cables matched
    11. Cruise function: two Gray cables connecting together.
    12. Self-learning cable:white two cable with black plug (after Positive rotation,then disconnect)

    Installation instruction:

    1 Power cut off before connects wires, connect the wires according to wiring diagram shown.

    2 The controller should be installed in ventilation, waterproof, shockproof parts

    3 Controller speed-limit control plug should be placed in easy operation place

    4 The controller connectors should be plugged in place to prohibited the controller power supply positive and negative reverse (ie.coarse red, thin orange and coarse black; thin red and thin black reversed is strictly prohibited)

    5 Motor mode automatically recognizes: the right to access the power of the electric vehicle controller, and turn to the brake lever and other harness, the docking of the controller will be learning lines (white), open the electric door locks, make motor into the state of the automatic identification, if motor reverse rotation can turn the motor forward rotation, disconnect the motor mode can be completed automatically recognize directly in the controller to identify motor mode 10 seconds after the controller to indentify learning lines (white).

    Package Content:

    1 x 96V 1500W Brushless Motor E-bike &Scooter Controller