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Alarm System Motorcycle 12V

Alarm System Motorcycle 12V
Motorcycle Alarm System 12V
Full-range of up to 500 meters wireless remote control 
the microcomputer all-round operation.
the smart one. two alert, pre-warning, after the deterrence
the special anti-hijacking, anti-robbery function. to ensure the personal safety of vehicle owners
 keyless drive, remote start warm up, misoperation machine open
the yard looking for vehicle, warning the crisis for help
driving in the overtaking security signal system
anti-intellectual logic of the second special response security, foolproof
 built-in microcomputer to prevent the decoding system scan, the absolute Insurance
 anti-theft lock the engine automatically shock, stolen keys shall be null and void with
the semiconductor sensitivity adjustable motion detection to prevent false alarms
 with double-sealed waterproof remote control, doubly Insurance
host computer and minimal power consumption, battery power is not lost