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  • Graphite Ultra Fine Dry Powder Lubricant


    Graphite Ultra Fine Dry Powder Lubricant

    Extra Fine Graphite is an all-purpose dry powder lubricant which is both odorless and non-toxic. Use to guard against sticking, wear, and corrosion. Can be used on all types of material such as metal, wood, plastic, and rubber. Applications include: precision instruments, locks, hinges, tools, guns, fishing reels, camera shutters, bicycles, office machines, toys, and more.

    Extra fine Graphite Powder Lubricant for Lock Padlock Locksmith Maintenance Mul-T-lock Abloy Cisa Gun Fishing Reel

    It is a must for all locksmiths and every family. Don’t use the oil base WD-40. It is only good for a short period of time as the grease will trap all the dusts that will block the movement of the pins later on.

    Product details :

    Long and slim nozzle that can easily put into the keyway

    Keeps All Locks Working Freely

    Greaseless, Odorless, Guards against Sticking, Corrosion, and Dirt Buildup

    For Use in Metals, Plaster, Wood and Rubber etc

    Just squeeze the bottle in order to blow out the graphite

    Super fine graphite perfect for lock picking and maintenance for your lock

    Size of bottle is 70mm in length and 25mm in diameter.

    Qty of the graphite is approx 80% of the bottle full

    Length of the nozzle is approx 30mm

    Graphite Dry Powder Lubricant has 100's of uses, not limited to but including:

    Tattoo Ink Base

    Lock lubrication

    Gun lubrication

    Ammunition (reload)

    Brass & other metal polishing

    Grease disclosing powder

    Plastic filler & colorant

    Bicycle lubricant
    Fishing Reel lubricant

    Mold release agent

    Cure retardant for Polyurethane & Polyester two-part plastic resins

    Metal casting flux

    Metal casting antioxidant

    Metalwork and tool lubricant

    Gardening tool lubricant
    Nano Technology
    Graphene Oxide Base
    Solar Energy
    Conductive Ink

    High temperature lubricant

    Makeup ingredient

    Package included :

    1 x Fine graphite bottle