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Holder Helping Hand Clip 3.5X 12X Magnifier LED


 Holder Helping Hand Clip 3.5X 12X Magnifier LED Welded

Ideal for all precision soldering, electronic, jeweler, hobbyist, model making and craft work jobs. The metal flexible pipe can be bent into various shapes and the Lens height and position are adjustable freely to meet the various needs. With moveable arms, soldering stand and crocodile holding clips, set your work at any angle. With 2 LED lights for illumination, and enables user to keep both hands free for positioning!
A useful aid for soldering work or model makers.
Adjustable crocodile holding clamps.
Heavy duty base.
Ideal gadget to leave your hands free to work on your project.
LED lights help to work in the dark.
With three pieces of AAA batteries, the 2 LED lights could last for more than 10 hours.
Steel plate bottom provides stability.

Color: black
Main lens magnifying multiple: 3.5X
Accessorial lens magnifying multiple: 12X
Main lens size (diameter): 65mm/2.6inches
Accessorial lens size (diameter): 17mm/0.7inches
Batteries: LR03AAA required but not included
Weld holder size (diameter * Length): 3 * 9cm (1.2 * 3.5inches)
Base size: 10 * 6.5 * 2cm (4 * 2.6 * 0.8inches)
Package size: 16 * 15 * 11cm (6.3 * 6.0 * 4.3inches)
Package weight: 420g/14.8oz

Item Includes:
1 * LED magnifier
1 * Welded holder
2 * Auxiliary clamp
1 * User manual