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  • Lights Turn Signal 6 LED Chrome Mini Amber


    Lights Turn Signal 6 LED Chrome Mini Amber

    6 amber LED's in each lamp giving your motorbike a unique glow whenever you use your turn signals. They are a universal fit, meaning they'll work with pretty much any Motorcycle , Bikes.

    LED's last up to 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs. turn on significantly faster than standard factory bulbs, and there is no filament to burn out or be damaged by vibration.



    Low energy doesn't zap your power supply

    on/off faster response time

    Unique, vivid colour

    Super bright

    Simple to fit, Bolt-On


    Bulb colour: Amber

    Lens Color: Clear

    LED's in each: 6

    Usage: Turn Signal Indicator Lights

    Connection: 2 wire

    Voltage: DC 12-Volt

    Screws diameter: 6mm

    Thread Length:13mm

    Cable Length:20cm

    Lamp Dimensions: 26(L)x17.5(W)x19(T)mm

    :Universal Fit

    Package Included:

    2pcs Motorcycle Turn Signal Indicator lamps