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  • Micro-fluorescent :Linkable Slim Fluorescent Light Under Cabinet Lighting 8 Watt

    Under Cabinet Lighting 8 Watt Micro-fluorescent :Linkable Slim Fluorescent LightSlim T4   fluorescent light fixtures are the thinnest linkable fluorescent luminaries on the market today. They are the light of choice for designers and architects for tight-space lighting applications.  It is the most efficient and brightest of the fluorescent lights. Many retail stores are putting them in new as opposed to the old hid light fixtures. The lamps themselves are smaller, as are the ballast; they use less electricity and provide a brighter more natural light. Also as opposed to hid fixtures; they do not require a cool down or warm up time. It switches on instantly.T4 lamps are an increasingly popular development in fluorescent lighting. Lighting designers have begun to specify such T4  luminaires for high-end new construction for retail stores, homes, and cabinet industries. T4 lamps are fluorescent lamps are 1/2" of an inch in diameter 
      Save you time and money with quick and easy installation
       • Unit can be installed in less than a minute
       • Simple plug-in or hardwire
       •Iluminate even the most challenging space
       • Easily hide into any tight spaces
       • Lower your maintenance costs
       • High performance electronic ballast
       • Long life lamp - 6,000 Hrs (Average rated)
    Use it for:
       • Under & Above Cabinet Lighting
       • Bar counters
       • Back-lit signs
       • Showcase displays
       • Office workstations
       • Behind crown moldings
       • Shelf and Display Case Lighting
       • Task Lighting
       • Cove lighting
       • Trade Show Exhibits
       • Merchandising Lighting
       • Work Bench Lighting
    or... Any application you can imagine!
    Each T4 Fluorescent Linkable Fixture includes
       • a T4 Fluorescent Fixture
       • an attractive Ribbed Acrylic Len Cover
       • a 6 Feet Plug-In Power Cord
       • an end-to-end Connector
       • Two Stainless Steel Mounting Clips
       • a long-Life T4 Fluorescent Lamp