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Multimeter Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Probe

20A Test Lead probes fits Fluke/Ideal/HP/Agilent Universal Clamp Multi Meter 
Multimeter Probe
Cat III: 1000V
Current: 20A
Plug Diameter (Approx.): 0.8cm / 5/16"
Tip Length (Approx.): 1.7cm / 5/8"
Stick Size (Approx.): 1 x 11.5cm / 7/16" x 4 1/2"
Cable Length (Approx.): 90cm / 2.9Ft
Total Length (Approx.): 100cm / 3.3Ft
Color: Red, Black
Weight: 75g
Easy connect to universal digital multimeter standard jack, 16mm plug insertion depth.
Perfect for testing electrical wiring circuits, anti slip grip increased superior handling, ease of use.
Package Includes 
1 Pair Multimeter Probe (black+red)