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Patellar Alignment and Stability Kneecap Brace Pad

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Patellar Alignment and Stability Kneecap Brace Pad

Aid for injury prevention or rehabilitation
Dont wait for injury to practice sport or work safety
Acts as a brace to speed up healing
Prevention of sprains and injury as a result of muscles and joints and tendons that aren't properly stretched or warmed up before your intended use
 Protect your knee and prevent from arthritis.
Suit for sport, fitness training and arthritis.
Ideal for any sports,such as basketball,football,badminton,mountaineering etc.
With the breathable and comfortable material,it can provide you the maximum comfort and protection for your knee(less pain and improved function).
 the patella stays in better alignment within the femoral groove.
improve the pull of the quadriceps muscle so that the patella stays lined up in the groove.
 Alignment or overuse problems of the patella can lead to wear and tear of the cartilage behind the patella.
 This produces pain, weakness, and swelling of the knee joint.
Several different problems can affect the patella and the groove it slides through in the knee joint.
 Material:90% Neoprene,10% Polyester cotton

Package Included:
1 x Patella Aligning Knee pad