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Wireless Remote Control 12 CH 6x Receivers Universal Programmable

Wireless Remote Control  12 CH 6x Receivers Universal Programmable
433MHz RF Key Features of the 12X1A
Note: it comes with six(6) single channel receivers
Supports up to 12x single channel receiver with a transmitter
Three modes: Toggle, Momentary, Latched
Encode/Decode to avoid interference
Individual relay
Can be programmed to handle two different modes
Distance: 100M~150M (500 feet) •
Power supply: 12V 
Encode/Decode: Yes(Learning Code)
Control Type: three mode:( Momentary, Toggle, Latch)
Relay: 3A/125VAC, 3A/14V DC
Receiver Board Size: 8cm x 4cm x 3cm Remote Modes:
Toggle: Press=On, Press again=Off
Momentary: Press=On, Release=Off
Latched: Press=On, Release=On (locked)
Model: 12AX1A
12 Channel RF Controller Channel: 12 Chipset: 2722/2622 Frequency: 433MHz Range: 200m